--How much do you charge for studio time?
Typical rates start at $80/hr (with a 2 hour minimum) but fluctuate more or less depending on your needs.  We offer block, day, and special rates and depending on times and promotions. (contact an AMI representatives for current details)  The great thing is that our engineers are super fast. Plus you get to take advantage of having HD quality output.  All of our customers love the value they get or the quality.

--What format should my music be in for recording and mixing?
We have many vocalists ask this question for pre-produced music that they will only be recording vocals on. For the best quality, we recommend your music be in high resolution .wav files with individual instruments on separate tracks or "stems". We can use most any audio file type that you have, but remember; the more we have to work with, the better we can build.

--Do you have beats/producers?
You will be amazed with the range and creativeness of our producers.  Being a staple in the industry, we have created a selective network of talented producers from various places in the country including the Carolinas and Atlanta areas.  They range from Hip Hop, and POP to Gospel, R&B, and even live instrumentals.  We have means to produce Country music if you would like, also.

--Does your recording studio offer mobile recording?
Yes. We can accommodate HD recording in almost any place with or without a power outlet.

--Can you mix Surround 5.1 or 7.1?
Although AMI engineers have experience recording and mixing for surround sound, our facility is currently only equipped to mix stereo.

--What certifications?
That is a great question to ask a studio. Thank you for asking. That tells us that you are serious about your project and appreciate one who has studied their craft.There are so many awards, degrees, and  certifications amongst everyone, that it's hard to keep up with them all.
But to list a few, I can say that in:

Bachelors of Digital Audio and Media Production
ProTools HD 110 and 210 certified engineers
Formal Reason and Production Tools Training

Final Cut Pro Certified Editor
Adobe Creative Suite Certified

--Artist worked with?
Engineers, producers, and DJs at AMI have years of experience working with a list of local, national, and international recording artists as clients. We're not "like" industry standard, we ARE the industry standard.

--Where are you located?
5205 Oak Park Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612.
In the Mill Run Office Complex; adjacent to Oak Park Shopping Center.